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36. TQ E-cigarette Quit Smoking Plan

E-cigarette/Vaping Quit Smoking Plan

E-cigarette/Vaping Quit Smoking Plan

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by the TQ Team

Read This BEFORE Watching This Video

We made this video right before JUUL/vaping in adolescents became and epidemic, and before the outbreak of hospitalizations/deaths from vaping happened. In the last two years we’ve gotten a lot more information calling into question the safety of vaping and vaping devices. In addition, tobacco companies have purchased vaping companies and are using their huge marketing budget to spread unproven and unregulated claims about vaping. The internet has become the wild west of every vaping device for sale to anybody.

Many of the things that we predicted and discussed in this video are turning out to be true. To that we say, “we told you so.” We also will pat ourselves on the back for our ability to predict the future.

We believe that most of this video still applies to people who are trying to quit smoking. After discussing it with our team we have decided to leave it in the TQ Video Series. We acknowledge that a couple of passages are a bit dated. Nevertheless, we stand behind it and hope you agree.

This video talks about using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. We discuss the controversy surrounding e-cigarettes and the different ways that people use e-cigarettes. We discuss switching to e-cigarettes and using e-cigarettes as nicotine replacement like products.

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Learn these things and more!

  • The different ways E-cigarettes are used
  • Using E-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited
  • E-cigarette use that leads to nicotine addiction
  • Is switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes healthy?
  • Are E-cigarettes healthy? Is vaping healthy?
  • Using E-cigarettes to quit smoking cigarettes
  • Big Tobacco is getting into the e-cigarette business
  • How to quit vaping e-cigarettes
  • Reasons to quit vaping or smoking e-cigarettes
  • Official Tobacco Quitter Statement on the Use of E-cigarettes

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“People use e-cigarettes to get nicotine when they are prohibited from smoking at work, at restaurants, in hospitals, and at other times. Instead of quitting cigarettes, they use e-cigarettes to circumvent restrictions on smoking.”

“Some people are using e-cigarettes to switch from conventional cigarettes with varying degrees of success.”

“Some people attempt to use e-cigarettes like quitting medications. They treat them like a new version of nicotine replacement products. We have heard of numerous different schemes that people try. Most involve some sort of e-cigarette substitution, switching, and/or tapering.”

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