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2. Understanding Nicotine Addiction

Understanding Nicotine Addiction

Understanding Nicotine Addiction

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by the TQ Team

This quit smoking video discusses the basis of nicotine addiction. Being addicted to nicotine is the fundamental problem you have to overcome if you are going to quit smoking. Being addicted to nicotine is what keeps you smoking. It is also what makes most people relapse if they have tried to quit before.

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Learn these things and more!

  • The TQ definition of nicotine addiction
  • How quitting medications help treat nicotine addiction
  • Nicotine receptors in your brain
  • How many more nicotine receptors do smokers have
  • What are some withdrawal symptoms
  • What happens to your nicotine receptors when you quit smoking
  • The nicotine receptor memory effect

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“…Understanding what nicotine had done in the past, and is currently doing, in your brain will help you grasp why it takes so much hard work to quit smoking. It also explains how quitting medications can help, which will will discuss later in several other videos. ”

“…In addition to the pleasure your nicotine receptors get when they are full of nicotine, they get mad when the nicotine leaves. And when they get mad, they make you irritable, moody, they can give you headaches, cause you to loose sleep, and a bunch of other unpleasantries. These are some of the classic withdrawal symptoms.”

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