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31. TQ Nicotine Patch Quit Smoking Plan

Nicotine Patch Quit Smoking Plan

Nicotine Patch Quit Smoking Plan

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by the TQ Team

This quit smoking video is the last part in several other videos about the using nicotine patch. We discuss our plan for using the nicotine patch including: when to step down and what to do if you have excessive cravings. We also discuss what to do if you smoke while on the patch.

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Learn these things and more!

  • How to use the nicotine patch to quit smoking
  • Nicotine patch step down intervals
  • Are you ready to step down
  • What happens if cravings increase
  • Using more than one nicotine patch at a time

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“In our clinical experience most people don’t use a strong enough patch; they don’t use it for long enough; and they step down too quickly.”

“When you have completed your patch plan it does not mean that you are “cured.” You are simply done with your quitting medicines. It is a big milestone, but it is not the end of your quitting process.”

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