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30. TQ Cold Turkey Quit Smoking Plan

Cold Turkey Plan

Cold Turkey Plan

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by the TQ Team

Many people try to quit smoking by going “cold turkey.” In this quit smoking video we discuss the principles of quitting cold turkey, and give you tips for success. Since this is a medication-free quit smoking plan, you will need to focus on preparation if you are going to be successful.

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  • Cold turkey quit smoking plan
  • 4 things that will help you quit smoking without the help of medications
  • Cold turkey vs cigarette tapering
  • Is cold turkey effective
  • Cut back on cigarettes before your quit day

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“Cold turkey may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. If you follow the advice we give in this video, your chances of quitting are better than if you just wake up one morning and proclaim that you are going to quit smoking today.”

“The fact that you are not going to use any medications makes this video even more important.”

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