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35. TQ Chantix Quit Smoking Plan

Chantix Quit Smoking Plan

Chantix Quit Smoking Plan

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by the TQ Team

This video discusses the TQ plan for using Chantix (Champix). We discuss important things about Chantix in a couple of earlier videos. This video pulls all that together.

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Learn these things and more!

  • Requires a prescription from your doctor
  • Chantix does not cure smoking
  • Tips for managing side-effects of Chantix
  • Changing the dose of Chantix

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“Often people on Chantix get focused on the medicine, when they really need to focus on changing all the behaviors that we discuss throughout these videos. They do well while they are on Chantix, but then they start smoking again shortly after stopping the medicine.”

“When you are no longer taking Chantix, you are not “cured.” You’ve still got some hard work to do, so keep your guard up and stay quit.”

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