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15. Tips on Setting a Quit Date

The Best Day To Quit Smoking

The Best Day To Quit Smoking

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by the TQ Team

Most people are more successful in quitting if they set a quit date. In this video we discuss tips for setting a good day to quit smoking. We don’t tell you what quit day to choose, but give you things to consider when choosing your quit day.

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Learn these things and more!

  • What is a good quit smoking date
  • Choose the best quit smoking date for you
  • Questions to ask yourself

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“We’re going to start with a question, “ what is the best day to quit smoking?” There is the obvious answer, that EVERY DAY is a great day to quit smoking! But while that may be true in theory, some days are better than others.”

“You need to set a quit date. Setting a quit day gives you something firm to work towards. And it gives you a timeline. You may have to adjust it a bit, but we think that you need to set one.”

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