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11. “What Are Your Smoking Triggers” Homework

Homework Smoking Triggers

Homework Smoking Triggers

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by the TQ Team

Smoking triggers are the things that “trigger” you to smoke. You probably have many of them. We discuss triggers and give you some homework that will help you figure out yours. Knowing your smoking triggers helps you find techniques to break them.

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Learn these things and more!

  • Examples of some common smoking triggers
  • Triggers tie you Smoking Brain and Smoking Life together
  • Making a list of your cigarette smoking triggers
  • How trigger lists can help you quit smoking
  • Use you trigger list to find substitutions, distractions, and routine-changes

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“When you develop your quitting plan, we are going to use your trigger list. Making a list of your smoking triggers is one of the most valuable exercises you can do when preparing to quit smoking.”

“Smoking triggers are the things that cause you to smoke. We all have triggers for different behaviors.”

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