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Our Qualifications: Why Trust Us to Teach You How to Quit Smoking​

Meet the TQ Professionals

Meet the TQ Professionals

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by the TQ Team

We are Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists, through the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence. ATTUD certification is widely regarded as the highest level tobacco counseling certification that a person can achieve. We’ve helped countless people quit smoking. We offer classes for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals about the best ways to help their patients quit smoking. We teach university students about tobacco use.

In addition we provide all the expertise for the Tobacco Quitter website. We’ve developed an app that helps people quit smoking and helps professionals counsel people about quitting. We closely follow all the current medical research about tobacco use and quitting methods. We complete dozens of continuing education credits just to keep our Tobacco Treatment Specialists certification current.

We think it is important that you know about our experience and qualifications.

All the techniques that we discuss in the TQ Video series are evidenced-based. To say something is evidence-based means there is scientific evidence, research studies, and clinical experience behind it. It also means that the best people in the field use those techniques to help people quit. There are tons of websites out there trying to sell you gimmicks that aren’t going to help you quit, and in fact may hinder your attempts to become smoke-free. Most of them have NO – or very little – scientific evidence that they work. At Tobacco Quitter, we don’t promote gimmicks or questionable techniques. We think quitting smoking is so important that you should try methods that have real evidence behind them.

We have decades of experience in working in health education, prevention, and doing tobacco treatment and education. Of all the things we do, our favorite thing is to help people quit smoking. We think our combination of counseling experience, knowledge, and evidence-based techniques can help you get on the road to success.

Happy Quitting,

The Tobacco Quitter Team