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10. “Learning From Your Mistakes” Homework

Homework Learning From Mistakes

Homework Learning From Mistakes

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by the TQ Team

Most people who smoke have tried to quit before. Chances are you have, too. In this quit smoking video you will learn about your past quitting attempts and use them to guide your future ones.
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Learn these things and more!

  • How failed quitting attempts can help you quit smoking cigarettes
  • Learn the reasons you failed when you tried to quit smoking
  • Help prevent you from relapsing back to smoking cigarettes
  • Questions to ask yourself about quitting smoking

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“Sometimes smokers feel like having a lot of past quitting attempts is bad. Or that having a lot of quitting attempts makes them failures. We think the opposite. Your past quitting attempts help guide your future plan.”

“The more time you spend analyzing your past quitting attempts, the more knowledge of yourself you will have. And the more prepared you will be when the situation happens again.”

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