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5. Getting More Help: Tobacco Addiction Is A Disease Not A Bad Habit

Getting More Help

Getting More Help

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by the TQ Team

Tobacco addiction is a disease and quitting smoking is so important that you may need to get extra help. Watch this video to learn about combining our quit smoking video series with professional help. We discuss free quit smoking helplines and how to find a professional to help you.
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Learn these things and more!

  • The benefits of getting professional quit smoking help
  • What if you can’t find or afford quit smoking counseling
  • Most quitlines are free and staffed by qualified professionals
  • Use the Share buttons to share the videos with your doctor
  • Only look for counselors who use evidenced-based practices

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“There is nothing wrong with trying to quit without seeking outside help if that is all that is available to you. In that is the case, we suggest you regularly watch and re-watch these videos until you experience success. If you actively watch the videos and take some time to really reflect on how they apply to you, we think you will be more successful. And if you just can’t seem to quit, don’t give up. Keep trying. It takes most smokers several times to quit. And if you need more help, please get some. Here is instructions on how to call a quit smoking hotline.

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