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17. Finding a Support Person to Help You Quit Smoking

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Support Person

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by the TQ Team

One of the best things you can do when quitting smoking is to have somebody available to help you when times get rough. We discuss choosing a good support person vs a bad support person in this video. No matter who you choose, we think it is important to choose at least one support person.

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Learn these things and more!

  • What makes a good quit smoking support person
  • Support person vs gatekeeper
  • Non-smokers and smokers as support people
  • About thanking your quit smoking support person occasionally

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“You’re about to make one of the most important changes of your life. It’s gonna take some hard work, and you might need some help to get through the rough spots.”

“Most people find it helpful to have at least one support person while going through the quitting process.”

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