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18. Dealing with Sabotage: Who Is Going To Get You To Start Smoking Again?

Dealing with Sabotage

Dealing with Sabotage

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by the TQ Team

When you try to quit smoking there may be people who want you to fail. Some of them may even offer you cigarettes. In this quit smoking video we discuss how to deal with people who try to sabotage your quit smoking attempt.

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Learn these things and more!

  • Who is most likely to sabotage your quit smoking attempt
  • Identify other smokers who may want you to smoke again
  • Preparing for future sabotage

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“It might be a girlfriend, boyfriend, a spouse, their best friend, a coworker, or a smoking buddy. For some people it is just one person; for others it is a lot of them. Sabotage usually occurs in high-risk settings, often with friends, and sometimes while consuming alcohol, etc. Occasionally it is purposeful, where your friend or family member is trying to get you to start smoking again. Other times its NOT on purpose, but something about that person causes you to start smoking again.”

“As part of your TQ Quitting Plan we want you to be ready for people who might sabotage you. And the best thing for that is our ”Support and Sabotage” homework video. We suggest that you watch it next, if you haven’t already.”

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