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1. Best Ways to Use The TQ Videos to Quit Smoking

Best Ways to Use Videos

Best Ways to Use Videos

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by the TQ Team
This quit smoking video discusses how the TQ Video Series is organized. Watching this video is the best way to start developing a quit smoking plan that is right for you. Video Index

Learn these things and more!

  • How the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series is organized
  • Why you need to watch all the videos
  • The importance of applying our videos to your life

Quotes from this quit smoking video

“…All our videos are organized by section. In the first section of videos we talk about the principles of quitting the Tobacco Quitter way. In the second section we discuss behavior change and even give you some homework exercises. Then we have a section on quitting medications. Next is a section that brings it all together and discusses specific quitting plans. The series concludes with a section on staying quit and other things that can help you be successful.”
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