Your Smoking Brain and Smoking Life: The Principles and Tools of Quitting Smoking the TQ Way

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Learn about the principles of quitting smoking the Tobacco Quitter way. We introduce the tools you will need to quit smoking and discuss what makes a successful quitter.  This video outlines the foundation of quitting smoking the TQ way.

Learn these things and more!

  • The basis of the TQ Quit Smoking Plan
  • The 3 Principles of Quitting Smoking the TQ Way
  • What is a perfect smoker?
  • What has to happen if you are going to quit smoking
  • Quitting Smoking is a process not an event
  • The tools you will use to quit smoking for life

Quotes from this quitting smoking video

"Now let’s talk about how long you spent becoming a perfect smoker and building your perfect smoking life. For most smokers, it took years or decades. You didn’t get them overnight and you probably didn’t start smoking a pack-a-day on the first day out. Nobody starts out with a nicotine addiction, and it took you a while to get yours. Now that you have it, your nicotine addiction keeps your smoking brain your smoking life in charge of everything, and makes quitting difficult. Your smoking brain loves nicotine and it hates it when you don’t give it nicotine"

"In your smoking life, cigarettes are how you cope with happy, sad, stressful, relaxed, and virtually everything else you can think of. Many people struggle with how to deal with these situations when they don’t have cigarettes anymore. Coping skills are one of the key behaviors you will have to re-learn in order to achieve and maintain a NON-smoking life."

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