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Help Patients Quit Smoking With Our Videos

Physicians, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, counselors, dentists... help patients quit smoking by referring them to the Quit Smoking Video Series from Tobacco Quitter. Better than a CME on quitting smoking, our video series is a great educational tool for you, too. Let us help you help your patients quit smoking the TQ Way. Evidence-based quit smoking techniques available on any device. Start Now

How Many Times A Day Do You Wonder, "How Can I Help My Patients Quit Smoking?"

Today I want to share with you a wonderful resource to help your patients quit smoking - the Quit Smoking Video Series from Tobacco Quitter.  Our videos are accessible on any device with an internet connection and it’s completely free. 

If you are like most physicians, you barely have time to get your patients in the door, order some tests, diagnose them, treat them, and then chart them.  Oh, and you're supposed to talk to them about losing weight, sleeping correctly, lowering their blood pressure, increasing their exercise, managing their diabetes, getting their kids vaccinated, AND OF COURSE, quitting smoking.  All that in a 15-minute appointment. 

Every physician we know would love for their patients who smoke to quit.  It improves nearly everything about their health and their treatment outcomes.  Most physicians are frustrated because they don’t have time to truly help their patients quit smoking.  They want to; they just can’t.

Enter the Quit Smoking Video Series by Tobacco Quitter.  We have dozens of videos to teach your patients how to quit smoking.  We are certified tobacco treatment specialist and we promote evidence based quitting methods only.  We would love for you to refer your patients to our videos.  There is no catch.  You don’t have to sign-up, or fill out any insurance forms, or pay any money.  Neither do your patients.  You just need to tell them about us. 

We encourage you to explore the videos in the Tobacco Quitter Quit Smoking Video Series.  If you have a moment, please watch them.  A lot has changed recently in the tobacco treatment world and it might be a great update for you, too.  Plus, if you are familiar with the content of the videos, you will be better able to help your patients when they ask you questions about them. 

Everything you need to know is on TobaccoQuitter.com.  You can find links that make it easy to SHARE the video series with your patients.  And please tell other health care professionals about us also.  If you like Tobacco Quitter on Facebook and follow us on twitter, you will find out when we release new videos and resources.  

Good luck helping your patients quit smoking.  And feel free to contact us about our product.    We love to hear how your patients are using the Quit Smoking Video Series by Tobacco Quitter. 

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Our team has worked in health care settings for decades and knows the challenges of helping people quit. Our services solve one of the major hurdles in getting patients and clients to quit smoking. Please sign up for the Special TQ Health Care Provider list. We look forward to helping you help your patients quit smoking.