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Welcome to the Quit Smoking Video Series from Tobacco Quitter

Welcome to the Quit Smoking Video Series by Tobacco Quitter.  We’re glad you found us.  I’m Laurie and along with Jon, we will be helping you quit smoking.  We are certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists and we’ve helped many people quit smoking for good.  We think the techniques we talk about in these videos will get …

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Best Ways to Use The TQ Videos to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now

This quit smoking video discusses how the TQ Video Series is organized. Watching this video is the best way to start developing a quit smoking plan that is right for you.

Learn these things and more!

  • How the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series is organized
  • Why you need to watch all the videos
  • The importance of applying our videos to your life

Quotes from this quit smoking video

"...All our videos are organized by section. In the first section of videos we talk about the principles of quitting the Tobacco Quitter way. In the second section we discuss behavior change and even give you some homework exercises. Then we have a section on quitting medications. Next is a section that brings it all together and discusses specific quitting plans. The series concludes with a section on staying quit and other things that can help you be successful."

Our Qualifications

We think it is important that you know about our experience and qualifications.  Both Jon and I are Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists, through the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence.  ATTUD certification is widely regarded as the highest level tobacco counseling certification that a person can achieve.  We’ve helped countless people quit smoking. …

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Spread the Word: Tell Your Family, Friends, and Doctor About the Tobacco Quitter Video Series

We hope our video series helps you quit smoking. We’ve had countless people tell us that our videos were the thing that pushed them to finally quit.  Most smokers would love to know about these videos, but unfortunately they don’t.  One way that you can help us reach more people is to spread the word …

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Understanding Nicotine Addiction

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now
This quit smoking video discusses the basis of nicotine addiction. Being addicted to nicotine is the fundamental problem you have to overcome if you are going to quit smoking. Being addicted to nicotine is what keeps you smoking. It is also what makes most people relapse if they have tried to quit before.

Learn these things and more!

  • The TQ definition of nicotine addiction
  • How quitting medications help treat nicotine addiction
  • Nicotine receptors in your brain
  • How many more nicotine receptors do smokers have
  • What are some withdrawal symptoms
  • What happens to your nicotine receptors when you quit smoking
  • The nicotine receptor memory effect

Quotes from this quit smoking video

"...Understanding what nicotine had done in the past, and is currently doing, in your brain will help you grasp why it takes so much hard work to quit smoking. It also explains how quitting medications can help, which will will discuss later in several other videos. "

"...In addition to the pleasure your nicotine receptors get when they are full of nicotine, they get mad when the nicotine leaves. And when they get mad, they make you irritable, moody, they can give you headaches, cause you to loose sleep, and a bunch of other unpleasantries. These are some of the classic withdrawal symptoms."

Your Smoking Brain and Smoking Life: The Principles and Tools of Quitting Smoking the TQ Way

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now

Learn about the principles of quitting smoking the Tobacco Quitter way. We introduce the tools you will need to quit smoking and discuss what makes a successful quitter.  This video outlines the foundation of quitting smoking the TQ way.

Learn these things and more!

  • The basis of the TQ Quit Smoking Plan
  • The 3 Principles of Quitting Smoking the TQ Way
  • What is a perfect smoker?
  • What has to happen if you are going to quit smoking
  • Quitting Smoking is a process not an event
  • The tools you will use to quit smoking for life

Quotes from this quitting smoking video

"Now let’s talk about how long you spent becoming a perfect smoker and building your perfect smoking life. For most smokers, it took years or decades. You didn’t get them overnight and you probably didn’t start smoking a pack-a-day on the first day out. Nobody starts out with a nicotine addiction, and it took you a while to get yours. Now that you have it, your nicotine addiction keeps your smoking brain your smoking life in charge of everything, and makes quitting difficult. Your smoking brain loves nicotine and it hates it when you don’t give it nicotine"

"In your smoking life, cigarettes are how you cope with happy, sad, stressful, relaxed, and virtually everything else you can think of. Many people struggle with how to deal with these situations when they don’t have cigarettes anymore. Coping skills are one of the key behaviors you will have to re-learn in order to achieve and maintain a NON-smoking life."

What Does Quitting Smoking Mean: Why Can’t I Switch Or Social Smoke?

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now Some people wish they could quit smoking daily, but still smoke on the weekends or on special occasions. We discuss that in this quit smoking video, as well as switching to another tobacco containing product such as: smokeless tobacco, hookah, cigars, etc.

Learn these things and more!

  • The Tobacco Quitter definition of quitting smoking
  • Can you quit smoking and also social smoke
  • Switching from cigarettes to dip, chew, cigars, or hookah
  • Is it a bad idea to switch from smoking to dipping
  • How the TQ videos can help you quit smoking

Quotes from this quit smoking video

"Most people who are addicted to cigarettes who try to convert to social smokers, just end up going back to their old smoking-life and smoking-brains. We’ve seen it time-and-time again. It’s just the way nicotine addiction works." "In our experience, what usually happens to switchers is that they to go back to smoking AND they keep using the product they tried to switch to. People who try to stop smoking by starting to use dip usually end up being dippers and smokers."

How to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy: Pregnancy Part 1

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now

Everything about pregnancy is better if you quit smoking. Your baby is healthier; is less likely to be born premature; and easier to deliver than if you smoke. While quitting smoking is important for everyone, it is especially important for pregnant mothers. In this video we are going to talk about how to quit smoking if you are pregnant. In part two, we are going to discuss staying quit after you deliver and while breastfeeding.

Learn these things and more!

  • Why should I quit smoking during pregnancy
  • Effects of carbon monoxide and nicotine on a baby
  • Quit smoking tips for pregnant women
  • You and you baby get immediate benefits from quitting smoking during pregnancy
  • How our videos can help pregnant women quit smoking
  • Try to quit smoking before conception
  • Should pregnant women use nicotine patch, gum or lozenge
  • Is nicotine replacement effective during pregnancy

Quotes from this quit smoking video

"The great thing about being smoke-free while you are pregnant is that your baby gets immediate and important benefits from it. Equally great are the benefits you get. There are numerous medical studies showing that babies who are exposed to cigarette smoke in the womb weigh-less and are more likely to be premature. In addition, a woman’s pregnancy and delivery tend to be more complicated if the mother smokes."

"The unfortunate thing about smoking and pregnancy is that many of the compounds in cigarette smoke reach a developing baby through the umbilical cord and placenta. One of the particularly harmful ones is carbon monoxide. If you smoke, carbon monoxide binds to the cells that are supposed to carry oxygen to your baby, so your baby gets less oxygen than it could."

How to Stay Smoke-Free After You Deliver Your Baby and When Breastfeeding: Pregnancy Part 2

Quit Smoking Videos: Get Access and Stop Smoking Now

This video is part two of our quit smoking during pregnancy videos. In part 1 we discussed how to quit smoking during pregnancy. Specifically, we discuss how to quit smoking, and/or stay quit, after you deliver your baby. You, your baby, and your family get huge benefits from living with a mom that doesn't smoke. We also discuss post-partum depression and smoking.

Learn these things and more!

  • Reasons to quit smoking if you are breastfeeding
  • How to stay smoke-free after you deliver
  • Should you breastfeed if you smoke
  • Which quit smoking videos can help you stay smoke free postpartum
  • Tips to help you quit smoking while pregnant

Quotes from this quit smoking video

"Many women quit smoking during pregnancy and never go back to it. Others completely quit all cigarettes during their pregnancy and then start smoking again a few weeks or months after they deliver their baby."

"The more work you do before and throughout pregnancy, the greater your chances of staying smoke-free after it will be."