Quit Smoking Gift Certificate: Help Someone Quit Smoking



The BEST Way to Help a Friend or Loved One Quit Smoking.

This  Quit Smoking Gift Certificate is good for one membership to the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series. Our motto is, "We can't quit for you, but we can teach you how!" We know that YOU can't quit for your loved one, but you can buy them a membership to the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series. Then we can teach them how!

Good for a Premium Membership

The recipient of your Quit Smoking Gift Certificate will get the exact same membership he/she would have if they bought one themselves. This includes access to our quit smoking videos and a month of "Happy Quitter" Daily Tips which are emailed to them.

Motivate Your Friends and Loved Ones - Never Expires

This Quit Smoking Gift Certificate never expires. You don't need to worry if the receiver is not ready to access his/her membership. When he/she is ready, your gift will be. By giving them this gift card, you may be motivating them to explore, start, or continue quitting!

How It Works

Add the Quit Smoking Gift Certificate to your cart. You can buy multiple gift certificates at once. We generate a one-use gift certificate with a unique number code for each gift certificate you buy. When you checkout, you enter the email address of your gift certificate recipients (show me). We send them email with the unique coupon code which then can click on (or manually enter) to claim the membership. We do not offer any refunds for gift certificates, so your recipient can not "return" the gift certificate for cash. Once purchased the Quit Smoking Gift Certificate is only good for the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series and has no cash value.

Gift Certificate = Coupon

We like to think of our Gift Certificates like gift cards. Our checkout software prefers to call them "coupons." In this case, this is a 100% off coupon. They are the same thing and we will use both terms interchangeably.

Need More Help Buying or Redeeming A Gift Certificate/Coupon?

We have detailed instructions for buying and redeeming gift certificates/coupons in our FAQ.