HELP FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General Questions
  2. Membership Questions
  3. Gift Memberships/Coupons - Buying Gift Certificates
  4. Gift Membership/Coupons - Redeeming Gift Certificates
  5. Group Plans
  6. Refunds
  7. I Can't View Videos
  8. Price Checker Issues

General Questions

What "technology" do I need to access the TQ video series?

Good news, all you need is a device with a web browser such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iOS (iPhone), or Android device.

Do I have to buy or install an app?

No, just go to

Is Tobacco Quitter a tobacco treatment program?

Tobacco Quitter, LLC and the Tobacco Quitter Video Series are not treatment programs and by using you are not receiving medical care from us. Our website and videos are educational. We can't offer health/medical advice to individuals. Please see our medical disclaimer for further info.

Membership Questions

Where do I get info about my membership, invoices, account, billing, or change my password?

Verify that your wifi or data is working. 1) "Login" if you have not. 2) Click on "My Account." 3) Use the links on the "My Account Dashboard" to find membership, billing, etc info. (Show me a pic of this).

How much does membership cost, last, and where do I get one?

It depends on your  membership level. We have an amazingly convenient page about that right here.

Can I renew my membership after it expires?

Yes, you can even renew it before it expires if you need to. 1) Login to the site 2) Add a membership to your shopping cart and follow the normal check out process.

Can I transfer my membership to another person?

No, memberships are not transferrable. Never fear, you can buy him/her/them a Gift Membership. They will love you forever for it. Scroll down for more info on Gift Memberships.

Do I have to activate my Premium Membership by clicking on an email link?

No, it becomes active within 5-10 minutes of your payment clearing. We will email an invoice and a welcome email shortly (and check your junk/spam box also).

Gift Memberships - Buying Gift Certificates

How do I purchase a gift membership for somebody?

People love getting a gift membership to the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series. We have found that the easiest way to offer gift memberships is by using a Gift Certificate system. It's SO SIMPLE. You buy a Gift Certificate to the TQ Quit Smoking Video Series by adding it to your cart. Your friend or family member gets a special coupon in her/his email. They click on the link and redeem the coupon (gift certificate). Here are detailed instructions.

  1. Add a Gift Certificate to your cart.
  2. Go to Check Out and enter the normal information like your name, address, etc.
  3. Half way down the checkout page, look for a box that asks, "Your order contains coupons. What would you like to do?" (show me a picture of this). Technically your order contains a Gift Certificate, but our software database calls it a "coupon." Sorry, if that is confusing.
  4. If you want to send the gift certificate/coupon TO YOURSELF, so you can mail it to the recipient, choose "Send coupons to me." (show me a picture of this)
  5. If you want us to send the gift certificate/coupon TO YOUR FRIEND OR LOVED ONE, select "Gift coupons to someone else". Then put the persons email address and type a message introducing your gift." (show me a picture of this)
  6. Complete the checkout process

What if the person never gets the email about the gift membership/certificate, or I don't get it?

If you have purchased a gift certificate/coupon, and your recipient has not received an email from us (or you - if you chose to forward the coupon to them), ask them to check their spam/junk mail box. If that doesn't work, resend the gift certificate. If they still have problems, contact our support department.

How many gift memberships can I buy?

As many as you wish. We encourage you to give a gift membership to every person you know that smokes.

If I purchase a gift membership, will I also have access to the Video Series?

No, your gift recipient will have access. You will not have "shared access." You can purchase your own membership however.

Does the person I give the gift certficate to have to set up a new account (a new login and password separate from mine)?

When they redeem the gift certificate/coupon, they will create their own account with a username and password separate from yours.

Can I get information about what my gift membership recipient did while on the site?

For privacy reasons, we can not give you any information about this. We realize this can be frustrating for the person who purchased the gift membership, but we have to respect the privacy of the individual who is watching the service. We encourage you to inquire with your gift recipient directly about this. Plus it gives you a chance to check in with them and see how they are doing.

We will confirm if a gift certificate, which you purchased, has been redeemed in our system. We can't tell you who redeemed the gift certificate, due to privacy reasons above, though. If you gave a gift certificate/coupon to somebody and they say it is not working, please have them read the section below on Redeeming Gift Certificates. If that does not help, please have them contact us.

Will you contact my friends and family members and "encourage" them to redeem the gift certificate I bought them; watch more videos; or quit smoking?

No, that is between you and the person(s) you are trying to help. We do send them an email about the gift certificate, if you request it when you checked out. Similar to our previous answer, due to privacy laws, and GDPR requirements, and the fact that we don’t spam or harass people, prevents us from pushing them about out service.

But we can’t stop you from it. Helpful, friendly, positive encouragement from you is probably the best way to get them to redeem the gift certificate and start their membership,

When they do activate their membership, they will get a series of "Happy Quitting" daily newsletters by email (if they agree to receive them), which will keep them engaged with our service.

Gift Memberships - Redeeming Gift Certificates

How will you notify me that I got a gift certificate/coupon/gift card?

You will get an email from Tobacco Quitter, OR the person who bought it, with a coupon code (show me a picture of this). If you did not receive the email, check your junk/spam/trash mailbox first. If it is not there, contact the purchaser and see what email address they entered for you at checkout. If that doesn't work, as a last resort contact us with the name and email address of the person who bought the gift certificate, the approximate date they did, and if they specified for us to email you the gift certificate (vs them getting it and emailing it to you).

How do I redeem the gift certificate/coupon?

In one of two ways.

  1. Click on the coupon image in the email (show me a picture of this). You will be taken to the SHOP page of Tobacco Quitter. From here add the TQ Video Series Membership to your cart using the "Add to Cart" button. The gift certificate/coupon should be automatically applied when you checkout. If it is not, use method two below.
  2. Enter the coupon code manually. Add the TQ Video Series Membership to your cart using the "Sign Up Now" button. When you checkout you will see a blank to "Apply Coupon" (show me a picture of this). Enter the coupon code that is found in the email we sent you (show me a picture of this).

When you checkout, enter your personal information. You will get a username and password emailed to you after you checkout.

I'm getting a message that says the gift certificate has already been used. What should I do?

99.9% the time, this happens because the coupon code has already been used. Our gift certificates/coupons can only be used for one membership. If you claimed it in the past, or somebody else is using it, it won't work. Sorry.

Group Plans

Do you offer memberships for groups of people, such as employers, health plans, medical practices, hospitals, organizations, groups, or wellness centers?

Yes! We'd love to talk specifics. Please use the group contact form to speak with us.


What is your refund policy?

Our guarantee depends on what type of membership you have.

FOR REGULAR MEMBERSHIPS: The TQ "We Can't Quit For You, But We Can Teach You How" Guarantee. That is our motto and basis of our guarantee. We believe the value of the service far exceeds the minimal cost for access. Not smoking just a couple of packs of cigarettes pays for a membership.We guarantee that you will learn the same quit smoking techniques that you would if you had 8 private sessions with us (which would cost hundreds of dollars). When we say "we can't quit for you," literally we mean that YOU have to do that part. Our part is to teach you how to quit. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee, though, and we think a fair way to assess it would be something like following...If anything in our video series helps you not smoke even 2-3 packs of cigarettes, or improves your success this time or in the future, we think you have gotten your money's worth and more. Hopefully you are like many people who watch our videos and then go on to quit smoking for life. But since we do offer this money-back guarantee, just send us a note, tell us what happened, and we will refund your money.

FOR GIFT CERTIFICATES: We do not offer refunds for gift certificates. Our gift certificates never expire and will be there for the recipient to use when she/he is ready to use them. Some people will be ready the moment they get a gift certificate. Others will be ready in weeks or months. The recipient of a gift certificate is not eligible for a refund either, so he/she can not request a refund and get the money the gracious giver paid. Please do not make a gift certificate purchase, if you do not agree to our refund policy.

Can't View Videos

Why can't I view the TQ Video Series?

If the top bar of our website says "Login" you are not logged in, please login. If you see the "Premium Members Only" image you are either NOT logged in, your membership has expired, or you don't have a membership (show me). Check the following:

  1. Confirm that you have a working WiFi or data connection (cell data plan). Our videos are served from the internet, so if you are not connected to the internet, you won't be able to watch them. Usually, you would check that you are connected to the internet by looking at the very top of your device's screen.
  2. Verify that you are logged in to (show me). If you are not, login.
  3. Make sure your membership is current by clicking on "MY ACCOUNT--->Subscriptions--->Status." If it says "Status: Expired" renew your membership (show me).

Price Checker Issues

Why don't I see any items in the TQ Price Checker?

The Price Checker is accessible by everybody with or without a membership. If you do not see any products on the page, 99% of the time it is because you are using Ad Blocker software or similar. Turn your ad blocker software off and you should be able to get price comparisons, sales, etc.

Still Need Support?

If this does not answer my questions, how do I reach support?

Please use our contact page.