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Advertising Policy and Disclosures

Tobacco Quitter, LLC is privately owned and maintains complete editorial independence over all content and holdings. Tobacco Quitter makes every attempt to insulate our editorial choices from outside influence and we believe you are best served knowing how we pay our bills.

We us cookies in basic ways to deliver the best experience to you.

Tobacco Quitter may employ the services of advertising agencies, such as Google, that serve ads of their choice to your browser and devices. We do not control what those ads are. They are typically served based on YOUR past browsing history and information that Google has collected about your buying habits and we have no control over them.

Tobacco Quitter may post links to products for sale by third parties on our websites. Amazon affiliate products are examples of this. Users may purchase these products at their own discretion. Some of these sales may result in a return of a small portion of the sale to Tobacco Quitter to help support the site. Tobacco Quitter does not sell any physical products.

Tobacco Quitter does not accept money from companies that sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.