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We Know Why You Are Here

You’re sick of it, literally. Smoking and-or vaping is running your life and ruining your health. You’re over it, but it doesn’t seem to be over you. Some of you are here because you’re worried about a loved one and we understand that, too.


We Love Teaching People How to Quit Smoking and Vaping

It’s part of our being. It’s undeniable. It’s what we were made do to. Tobacco Quitter was born out of this love.

At our core we are teachers in everything we do. "We can’t quit for you, but we can teach you how," is our motto for a reason. Every “counseling” session we've had with a smoker/vaper was also a big dose of teaching.


We Want to Help Every Smoker and Vaper Quit

We’ve never been the type to say, “if I just could help one person…” One is not enough for us. We want to help hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands quit.


We Want To Change Your World and The World

We know that change comes one person at a time. Quitting smoking WILL change your life, and the lives of those around you, in ways you may not even have imagined. Our company bucket list includes ridding the world of smoking/vaping in every way we can.


We Don’t Stop For Negativity

Trolls, naysayers, shills for the tobacco and vape industries, and plain old mean people are not welcome here. Were on a mission to help our customers quit smoking. Every moment spent on a negative person is time taken away from that.


We Have a Unique Business Model

We create interesting and effective content that helps people quit smoking and vaping.  It also pays bills and rewards our team. Your support drives innovation and creativity and motivates us to create more. Most companies don’t envy our business model. Our goal is for you to be a customer and then a FORMER customer. Success is measured when you no longer need our services.


We Are The Best Value in Health

Quitting will save you tens of thousands of dollars. No matter how you slice it, we are a great value. You get life changing content for the price of a couple of packs of cigarettes, pods, or a copay at a doctors office.


We Are Scientific, Honest, and Straight Talking

We value evidence and experience. We have integrity and know quitting. We speak frankly about it without a bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo, down-talking, or goofy gibberish.


We Make Quitting Easier

We believe that getting effective quitting education should be simple and affordable.

We spent years refining the way we teach people how to quit . Then we wrapped it up and removed all the common barriers that would-be quitters experience.

And Voila, you're learning how to quit from the convenience of your own phone, tablet, or computer.


We Are Constantly Improving

After spending decades in the tobacco treatment field we know that medical knowledge and treatment protocols evolve and the technology we use to deliver it grows.

We are proud of what we have accomplished. At the same time we are continually searching for ways to improve our work.


We Believe You Deserve a Nicotine-Free Life

Don't resign your life and health to smoking and-or vaping. You deserve to quit and you deserve quality quitting education to help you.


We Have Big Plans For The Future

Stay tuned for more, but don’t wait for us. Start quitting right now.