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Just Like Being in Our Office!

We spent years refining the way we teach people how to quit smoking and then made a video series about it.

"We believe that getting professional quitting education should be simple, time efficient, and affordable."

"But quitting costs too much." 

How much are you spending on tobacco every day? Quitting is a bargain compared to smoking. 

"But I'm not ready yet"

How many times have you used that as an excuse - dozens, hundreds, more? Get the video series, start watching it, and stop giving your money to the tobacco companies.  

"But I don't have time"

We know you're busy. That's why we made short lesson-based videos that fit perfectly into your busy life. We could have made 50 hours of videos, but more videos don't increase your chance of success. They increase the chances that you won't watch them and won't even try to quit. 

40 Videos

that only take 3.5 hours to watch! 

Watch at your own pace. 

Quit at your own pace.

We don't force you into a day-by-day plan that will never match your life.

You're in charge.

Let TQ make your next quitting attempt easier and more successful.

 Our Quit Smoking Video Series will:

  • Reframe addiction and quitting, so you can think about what is going on in your brain in actionable ways
  • Do exercises that will give  you actionable items that will help you quit 
  • Make quitting easier with more chance of success
  • Remove many of the myths about addiction and quitting
  • Teach you how to use nicotine patch, gum, and lozenge the way professionals do
  • Discuss how to handle those around you who may smoke
  • Motivate you to get started
  • And many more (over 40 videos worth of things)

We're Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists through ATTUD, and hold National Certificates in Tobacco Treatment Practice by NAADAC.

Question: Why Should You Trust Us?

Watch this two minute video to find out.

The TQ Video Series 


 8 3 packs of cigarettes

Our video series cost the same amount as 3 packs of cigarettes.

In some places only 2 packs of cigarettes 

All you have to do is NOT smoke 60 cigarettes and the TQ Video Series will pay for itself. 

In some places only 40 cigarettes.

BANG! we just helped you set YOUR First Quitting Goal... 

Get the TQ video series, watch it, and don't smoke 60 cigarettes.

You got this!

The TQ "We Can't Quit For You, But We Can Teach You How" Guarantee

That is our motto and basis of our guarantee. We guarantee that you will learn the same quit smoking techniques that you would if you had 8 private sessions with us (which would cost hundreds of dollars). 
When we say "we can't quit for you," literally we mean that YOU have to do that part. 🙂 Our part is to teach you how to quit. We do offer a money back guarantee, though, and we think a fair way to assess it would be something like following...
If anything in our video series (and/or website) helps you not smoke even 3 packs of cigarettes, or improves your success this time or in the future, we think you have gotten your money's worth and more. Hopefully you are like many people who watch our videos and then go on to quit smoking for life. But since we do offer this money-back guarantee, just send us a note, tell us what happened, and we will refund your money. 

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Quit Smoking Videos are 100% FREE  this week. Use code "FREE20" at checkout.

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"Is Quitting Worth a Couple of Packs of Cigarettes to You?"