Quit Smoking App & Quit Dipping App: Tobacco Quitter App Bundle

The Tobacco Quitter App Bundle is here! Designed by Tobacco Treatment Specialists, the TQ App Bundle is intended for BOTH tobacco users who are trying to quit smoking or dipping/chewing, AND for health care providers like: doctors, nurses, dentists, tobacco treatment specialists, health educators, and counselors - who help people quit. The Tobacco Quitter Team created a unique set of Apps with features that aren’t available anywhere else. Whether you are trying to quit or you help people quit, we think you will find the Tobacco Quitter App Bundle incredibly useful.

Tobacco Quitter Money Saver App

The TQ Money Saver calculates money saved by quitting cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. Calculates break-even time in paying for quitting aids such as: nicotine patches, nicotine gum/lozenge, bupropion (Zyban & Wellbutrin) varenicline (Chantix/Champix).

Tobacco Quitter Addiction Calculator App

The TQ Addiction Calculator suggests possible nicotine dependence in cigarette smokers, and users of snuff, snus, and chew (smokeless tobacco).

Tobacco Quitter Nicotine Calculator App

The TQ Nicotine Calculator estimates total nicotine level in a person's blood over a 24 hour period and compares it to cigarettes and nicotine replacement products.

Tobacco Quitter Quit Tracker App

The TQ Quit Tracker logs daily usage of cigarette, smokeless, hookah, cigar, dip, chew, snus, or any type of tobacco. Keeps track of daily use, quit day, cravings, etc.

TQ App Bundle Release Changelog